get me fast & EXPLOSIVE SPORTS TRAINING  (pt rates) ....or small group (4 -6 athletes)...$25 per person

I AM the best resources for sports-specific training IN STATEN ISLAND. I trained to break down each sport to how it relates to the body’s needs. i measure and simulate proper work to rest ratio, skill-specific technique drills, and power and strength demands. With intense one-on-one and group training sessions,

i focus on the demands of your sport to make sure you have what it takes to elevate your game to new levels. After training with me, game day will be the easiest part of your sport.

PERSONAL TRAINING ...1 on 1 sessions

i provide one of the best personal training service in staten island. Always on time and always on target.  i have a private studio in  staten island to accomodate your fitness needs No matter what your level may be.

my programs  are designed with and without equipment necessary to make anyone’s workout fun and challenging.

Each Session is 60 minutes in duration.​ By Appointment only.

​2 times per week...$475.00 ..per month

​24 sessions

​3 times per week...$650.00.. per month

​36 sessions


​*All sessions must be used in 90 days

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Benefits of Fitness Training

Goal Setting

Nutritional Guidance




Proper Technique

Personal Program Design

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​​initial Fitness Assessment

i believe that no training program should begin without first knowing exactly where to start. Prior to engaging in an individualized fitness program, it is my responsibility to collect simple, yet vital information from  clients to establish capabilities.

Initial assessments have three parts:

First, we establish the clients’ goals. Having an understanding of what our clients want to accomplish, whether its aesthetic appearance or enhanced performance, will help guide how i customize your fitness program for maximum results.

Next, we collect necessary body measurement data (height, weight, body fat %, and girth measurements), which will help us show progress and success over time.

Finally,  we perform a Functional Movement test. The test is comprised of physical tests that look at fundamental movements in an effort to identify and correct limitations and imbalances in the body.

FREE 60 MIN first session & FITNESS EVALUATION...For all first time inquires !

8 week Personal "Powerlifting" online program.......$99.00

i am especially excited to introduce you to the beginning of a new age in training:

Gary Miller Fitness is developing Programs to bring my hybrid training approach directly to you – the client or the athlete – anytime, anywhere.

This program is for the current athlete or someone looking to gain a strength advantage they have never had!

A monthly one-hour phone consultation (in person if available)

A 8 week personalized Powerlifting training program tailored to meet your needs and goals

Complete video demonstration for all exercises in your program...when needed

Unlimited e-mail communication

Nutritional guidance and advice