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Self-myofascial release is often called the “poor man’s massage.” Myofascial release is a hands-on technique that therapists have been using for years. To achieve this release, a therapist would apply a low load, long duration dragging force across layers of soft-tissue in the body. 

After a period of time, through some different mechanisms in the body, the body will “release” the tissue and mobility between those sliding surfaces is restored.

To make these changes on oneself, a foam roller can be used in place of therapist’s hands. While the foam roller will never completely replace therapists, it serves as a great alternative.

Here is the best foam roller money can buy!

The ProUnit is a fitness tool with a training system I developed for the at home workout in only 20-30 mins. a day.
If you want to burn more calories and feel better you've got to move better and that's why you need a ProUnit foam roller to massage away muscle knots and adhesions that imped muscle function and cause joint pain.

Foam rolling before a workout is used to loosen and length in tight tissue along with increasing blood flow in order to increase muscle mobility and make you feel good.

We do this so that you can exercise at peak levels of performance to burn more calories which then allows you to gain lean muscle with the other components of the ProUnit fitness tool.

So if you want to improve fitness Performance and help prevent injuries get the only 5 in 1 foam roller.

 "UTILITY Patent NO. 8,784,287"

"don't just roll with it...train with it"